I love "Thanks-Giving" time--my favorite holiday. There is nothing else quite like it--this time of year gathering family from near and far to celebrate gratitude. Giving thanks for our loving Savior, our many blessings and our shared relationships. I'm so grateful for the people in my life--brothers and sisters, children and grandchildren. My husband and I wait with anticipation at their blessed arrival. We also welcome family visitors to our table and take plates to the elderly in our neighborhood. We encourage you to bless someone else in your neighborhood. Invite someone that doesn’t have family close by… or take a shut-in a nice food platter. What can I do with the days in between? Prep

November in Kentucky

November in Kentucky is a country drive to meet with family and friends. We take backroads and rural routes to enjoy the lovely fall foliage. This month, remember to relish these moments with the one you love. Bring along his favorite music, a shared book to read aloud or simply a hot drink to share. Does he love strong, black coffee, piping hot Earl Grey tea or something tart and sweet like Hot Apple Cider? Here's a recipe to share: Hold hands with your hubby and enjoy the brilliant colors of trees on the hills, the contrast of deep blue grey in the moody fall sky and layer upon layer of white clouds billowing above. These are the moments together that build memories for many years to come.

New Award

Heart to Heart Publishing, Inc. announces Southern Seasons, 12 Months of Tea-licious Recipes & Ideas was an Award Finalist in the "Cookbooks: Regional," & "Cookbooks: General" categories of the 2017 Best Book Awards, American Book Fest. #Awards #SouthernSeasons2

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