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Jenna's Top the Teapot Game


Durable, vinyl game, 17x23" poster with ten game pieces.

The creator of the game, Jenna, (age 9) was named Young Entrepreneur

2008 when she entered Bucks For Bright Ideas, Western Kentucky University.


Victorian Fan


This fan has a delicate lace pattern made from Sandelwood, enclosed in a slender glass top gift box. Purchase separate or as gift set.

Fan only  $6.95


Victorian Fan Gift Set

The Unspoken Language of Fans and Flowers plus Victorian Fan gift set. $24.95

Fruit or Vegetable Seedies


Fruit &/or vegetable characters help teach your class or family good healthy snacking choices. As the children mimic the fruit they add nutritional information to their memory bank, something they will draw from again and again. Seedies are designed with high quality materials.


Fruit 5-7" high   |   set of 6 for $29.99.





Vegetables 3-6" high   |   set of 7 for $34.99.


For schools and non-profit organizations, please call for discount 270-526-5589.


Alexander's Read & Sing-A-Long CD


Are you looking for a fun way to teach children good nutritional choices? Children can really get a good grasp on nutritional while at the same time be totally entertained by the lovable food characters in this sing-a-long. Children will think they are only having fun, yet important information is being absorbed into their active minds. Listen and allow the fun times to begin!


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