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  • Linda J. Hawkins

October Dreams

With both hands I grasp a teacup,

Warm and familiar feeling,

The scent I breathe in deep.

The house is still and silent,

Only He, the tea and I,

Before the sun arises, it is our time.

In adoration, I dedicate the day,

To ask with prayer and waiting,

“Together, what have we to do?”

Honorable men set goals for life,

Plans for the future,

To name and declare a thing.

But the highest goals & dreams I’ve found,

Reside here in the waiting,

His Word never disappoints.

I always find an answer,

In these moments with tea & stillness,

Between me, my Lord and I.

***What dreams has God placed on your heart in the waiting? How will you spend time with Him this fall?

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