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Get a book full of recipes and ideas from this author. We are offering a free copy of Catering with Children when you purchase 2 copies of Southern Seasons 12 months of Tea-licious Recipes & Ideas. Get a copy for you and a friend! To take advantage of this special offer, click the link below!


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Linda J. Hawkins’ collection of delightful short stories has given the reader a pleasurable glimpse down memory lane. From her first memories to those she experienced as an adult, …a Kentucky family filled with faith, love and a determination to succeed in life and help others….  dealing with near tragedies and loss show how a family copes, with faith and love for each other as their only weapons. The fears of a mother are accepted and dealt with and the scared beliefs of childhood are protected.  …memories of life as a child in the 1950’s and 1960’s and beyond in southern Kentucky. -–D. G. Freeman, teacher


I felt inspired, as though I’ve been blessed ... on a wonderful weekend RETREAT with a Sister in the Lord!  When I read these writings, I feel as though the author was a part of my own SOUL! … creative, always acknowledging our Great Creator… in love with her Kentucky home … a “Heart Sister” indeed, living abundantly in this world, but ever Heaven-focused, a life centered on her beloved husband and extended family, which includes relatives and readership. Thank you for becoming a part of my life through all your wonderful books…--Linda Jane Gough, B.S, M.S., M.S. Ed. Educator, Administrator, Counselor Metro Nashville Schools (Retired)

In Words Given, Linda J. Hawkins weaves stories from her own life that are filled with humanity, laughter and grace. --Susan J. Mitchell, award-winning author and photographer of Snapshots 


“This book has been and intimate introduction into a life of a wonderful new friend and an amazing mentor. Linda’s stories not only gave me a greater insight into the trials and triumphs of her life, but a greater appreciation for the world around me and the wonder of God’s works in everyday life. --Eli Johansen, Business Executive

A personal, moving and transparent story of growth. Growth as a child in times much simpler than today, growth of a young lady into adulthood and motherhood, growth in a woman’s relationship with God. Growth from a newborn baby in Christ into a mature saint of the most high, a saint that has grown to walk in true faith of God’s unlimited power and ability. --Mark Trenton Acord, author of With Him It Is Possible


Sister Hawkins did an outstanding job of conveying her life memories and experiences… a very good read. You could feel that each story was written from her heart. In reading it, I revisited my own memory bank. It took me back to similar experiences. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. --Sister Deana Uzzle, NPC, First Lady

Such an enjoyable read. The writer takes you along as she travels through life, so many wonderful stories. I just want to set down and read another one! --Patricia A. Fox, Homemaker, Caregiver

Linda’s stories always make me think of Rick Bragg, life written from her view with and her own special touch. --Businessman, Jason Hines

Couldn’t put it down! Your book of memories is a delight! ... The strong hand of Jesus has certainly helped you write every word. Thank you, for sharing your life… What a gift! Keep writing. --Mary Alice Black, Retired Music Teacher

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New Book!

Frederica's dilemma causes her to listen to others, love others, and share and care for them. In return, she finds exactly what she longs for. Come along for a good read and a fun journey with Frederica's New Home.

Also included inside is a hands-on project to enjoy!

Hardcover. 8.25" X 11"; 77 pages. $20 HC has the 101 Frog Facts in the back of the book.


Paperback. 7.5" x 9.25"; 41 pages, $10


Fun Frog Booklet.  Paperback. 5" x 8"; 108 pages. $7

Frederica's New Home Kindle Edition


Fun Frog Facts with Frederica ebook

A bright, fun, and colorful book with a meaningful message! I look forward to reading it to my own grandchildren! -Misty D. Avery

Now Available

Don't Skimp on My Cinnamon!

This book is for those who are grieving for that special someone you’ve loved…then seen them pass from this life. Each of these elements of thought were written the first two years after Covid-19 took my husband. A man in good health, he sailed through. Then our last day of isolation—a sudden blood clot. These words shared come from my struggle to find healing in the most raw and tender days of a totally different life now walking without “My Love” by my side. I could never have made it without my Precious SAVIOR leading me all the way. Most of these were written in the wee-hours of the morning, as I wrestled with the loss and loneliness and excruciating mental anguish. Grief has that effect as we work to find what is left for us in this life to do. We keep putting one foot in front of the other. We will find our purpose again, on God’s timeline. –Linda J. Hawkins

Join Kentuckian, Multiple Award-Winning Author Linda J. Hawkins as she celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the company she founded, Heart to Heart Publishing, Inc., with a trip down memory lane. Short stories and poems, her heart’s journey from childhood to adulthood as told for the first time. Perhaps you’ll laugh and cry as you traverse her life’s path with her. The challenges she pushed through, the memories she’s cherished, and the constant love and guidance of God every step taken and every Word Given.

Linda Hawkins new book, WORDS GIVEN, is a heartwarming collection of wonderful stories. The author tells stories brilliantly, describing the details vividly, so the reader feels they are an actual observer. She is indeed a master storyteller. She shares stories of people throughout her life, starting with her own childhood, who all helped her in her journey of drawing closer to God. Even the people who were not positive influences in her life helped her in her growth. Her experiences and observations of life situations are identifiable to readers. As I read, her stories stirred up my childhood memories and the people who blessed my own life. Linda Hawkins' love for life and people are a testimony of what our lives can become if we put God first. She shares what amazing things can happen if we choose to listen to God's Spirit when it tells us something instead of ignoring His will. Even in her darkest times, the Lord was with He is with all of us who seek him. --Jean Forsythe, author of The Rainbow in Every Storm (and three other published books.)"

Linda J. Hawkins’ life experiences growing up and living in rural Kentucky parallel so many of my own in a nearby county where I spent my childhood. I’ve actually wondered if her family might actually be kinfolks, as she is a Hawkins, the maiden name of my mother and many of my Kentucky ancestors. Her description of her life is uncannily akin to mine; we have laughed and wept over many of the same things! The interwoven quotations in her books are some of my own favorite quotations. I believe you will enjoy reading this book; for me it was a spiritual retreat for the mind and heart. --Louella Hawkins-Webster, TN Senior Christian leader


This book brings wonderful memories while reading some of these stories and others made me understood just how blessed I was to be a part of this loving family. It was great to read about some of my family long gone by the time I was born. The stories of my sweet mother made me smile and warmed my heart. The story about how God spared my life when I almost drowned in the Gulf of Mexico is so hard to read without tears flooding my eyes. Thanks so much to my sister for putting this collection of stories into a book. It is a memoir worth exploring.  -–William Patrick Gill, author’s surprise brother

Linda J. Hawkins has exceptional quality for connecting with her reading audience, from the young in age to the young in heart. What began as an educational journey has grown into an accomplished author and publisher. Linda shares with us On The Wings Of Words Given, how a dream mixed with prayer and determination can soar to heights unknown. As you begin this journey settle in and grab the tissues, this is one that will not only make you smile it’s one to warm the heart. Let the journey begin...--Heather Uzzle, LPN

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It was truly hard to put down! It would be hard to pinpoint a favorite. There were many! If someone were to ask me what it was about, I would say, and already have, that it’s about memories growing up, memories of her boys growing up years and even some recent ones. It’s really how life is- some hilarious moments and some heartbreaking moments too! Love you, Sis. Hawkins! This is my favorite book so far!--Misty Avery, Realtor


For the rest of the year, every order over $25.00 will receive one FREE book ($20 value). It will not appear in your cart but will be in your shipment. It is our gift to you!


Linda is excited to have another submission chosen to be among the 101 stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Mom Knows Best .

Chicken Soup for the Soul, the world’s favorite and most recognized storyteller, publishes the famous
Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. With well over 100 million books sold to date in the U.S. and
Canada alone, more than 250 titles, and translations into more than 40 languages, “chicken soup for the soul” is one of the world’s best-known phrases and is regularly referenced in pop culture.

"This new collection of 101 stories will show your mother, grandmother, wife, or mother-in-law just how much you appreciate her. She'll love these personal, heartwarming, sometimes hilarious anecdotes about all the adventures of motherhood and how kids eventually realize that simple truth: Mom Knows Best."

Softcover; $14:99

Linda's Alexander books have been translated into Spanish and collected into this beautiful 3-in-1 volume. You can order your copy today! 

Soft Cover, 8" X 8"; 84 pages.


Linda is grateful that her submission, "The Unexpected Miracle" was chosen to be among the 101 stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Miracles and More .

Chicken Soup for the Soul, the world’s favorite and most recognized storyteller, publishes the famous
Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. With well over 100 million books sold to date in the U.S. and
Canada alone, more than 250 titles, and translations into more than 40 languages, “chicken soup for the soul” is one of the world’s best-known phrases and is regularly referenced in pop culture.

Miracles are all around us - we just have to look to see them. These powerful stories will deepen your faith and show you that good things do happen to good people. From guardian angels to divine messengers, from miraculous healing to messages from heaven, from mysterious dreams that come true to divine coincidence, you'll be in awe as you read these 101 stories of true wonder and inspiration. These stories are written by real people - ordinary people who have had extraordinary experiences - who are just as surprised that these things happen to them as we are to read about them.

Special Signed Copies

SC 5.75" X 8.75", 372 pages


Hear Linda's story on the Chicken Soup for the Soul podcast. Click here. Linda's story begins as 4:02. Enjoy!

Multiple Award Winner!

Southern Seasons 12 Months of Tea-licious Recipes & Ideas. All kinds of reasons for a Southern Seasons & Tea-licious Tea Time! An engagement, a wedding, special birthdays, baby shower, celebrating an accomplishment, open house, spring has sprung, summer has arrived, butterfly tea with first a caterpillar sleep-over, fall has created a painted backdrop, (who can resist?) winter-warmth cozy fire side sipping, neighborhood celebration, homeschoolers serving/etiquette, classroom sharing , senior center pick-me-up ....get the idea? Theme parties are fun.   This book guides you through the fun with ease and grace.  You will do your own tea party and wonder why you haven’t done this before!


Beau-tea-ful photos, tips, ideas & Tea-licious Recipes!


Order now!

Hardcover, 10.5 x 10.5, 200 pgs. (ISBN: 978-1-937008-53-6) 

Retail: $29.99

I enjoyed meeting you! And I love your tea party books. Mom and I loved teas, teapots, tea books, tea parties and my granddaughter and I used to have “teas” at Mama’s before she started school. We had tea at my house and our male chocolate lab (we had at that time) had pearls and a hat too.  Mom passed away May 2016 and it brought back a lot of memories...good memories. –Debbie Stofer, Author


My wife and I were impressed first by your Southern Belle dress and the background and layout of your booth. Then we saw your books on Teas and we were hooked. We have been to many tea parties and high Teas -- we love them.  We just came off a cruise where we went to a tea and scones every day and had a high tea on a plantation in Jamaica. My wife bought 2 of your books:  Southern Seasons and The Unspoken Language of Fans & Flowers.  She already had your Catering to Children.  Your tea settings in the books are beautiful and the photographs made them "pop" off the pages. It makes us want try to have a tea party for friends. 

Thank You Linda,     

Jim & Karen Davis


What a surprise to see Martha Stewart’s table cloth and napkins used on the cover of Linda’s Southern Seasons book, and what great memories it brought back…a visit to her Turkey Hill kitchen studio resulted in a fundraiser dinner program for The Garden Club of Kentucky for 900 participants.    

What an evening it was. How delightful … after the program Linda would bid on the blue rose table set that Martha gave the garden club and then feature it in/on her latest book. The setting is perfect as is the table setting. It could not have been lovelier if done by Martha herself. I think that she would love it as much as I do. --Carolyn Roof, KY Garden Club Writer


Linda J. Hawkins has created more than a cookbook or a book about tea. This is a testament to the power of faith and family complete with photographs that bring to life each special occasion. Savor this book as you would an old friend, coming back again and again for ideas and inspiration on living the good life one sip at a time. –Editor Mary Nestor, Home & Lifestyle Magazine


“The exceptional layout of four seasons celebrating tea all twelve months is as refreshing as a cuppa that tasty, amber liquid so treasured.” --Editor Jan Roberts, Yellow Roses Magazine


“Gorgeous photos, elegant & simple settings, remarkable tips & advice, with beautiful, tasty foods to please the palate.”  --Jane Knight, Office Manager, Charleston Tea Plantation, S.C.


Once again, Linda J. Hawkins serves up a “tea-lightful” collection of recipes, captivating photography, and comforting words of wisdom for an entire year of entertaining possibilities.  Her devotion to faith, family, and friends is evident in her words as well as in the care she takes to help readers create welcoming and delectable memories centered around a relaxing cup of tea.  --Penny Woods, Kentucky Living Magazine 



“I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the author, Linda, when she visited the Charleston Tea Plantation.  Her charming character shows through in this elegant new book, a marvelously enlightening tribute to tea and a must read for every tea enthusiast!” --William Barclay Hall, Charleston Tea Plantation, S.C.


"Tea is good just about any time and anywhere. Tea time is not just an afternoon tea event, like the English started in the 1700s to ward off the hunger pangs that hit part way through the long afternoon. There are many types of teas, many ways to serve tea, and many things that go very nicely with a good cup of tea. Tea time can be at all times a 'tea-licious' treat, one that is best shared with friends or family or both. And why not dress up for tea? If the setting and the servings are elegant, then so should be the host or hostess – as well as the guests.      Linda J. Hawkins is an avid tea lover. Her recent book, Southern Seasons: 12 Months of Tea-licious Recipes and Ideas, is a treasure in itself. Sectioned into the four seasons of the year, the author presents recipes, décor, dress ideas and lots of tips on how to prepare and present a good pot of tea. The illustrations make this book more than just a mouth-watering treat. The author immerses the reader in the entire concept of teas and tea time for every time of the year and every season. She lists the reasons to host a tea party, but there are many more. She lists the do’s and do not’s of proper tea etiquette. Her illustrations detail elegant tea settings and delightful tea party wardrobes, because, as the author explains, 'Dressing up brings the little girl out in all of us, never too old for dressing up. It’s fun and refreshing for the young and the older.' Fun and refreshing – that’s what makes tea time a treat and this book certainly exemplifies that." –Emily-Jane Hills Orford, Readers' Favorite.


“…what an absolutely beautiful book…”--Paula Richardson, Accountant, United Pentecostal Church International


“I looked at your books and enjoyed reading them …best part was putting God first … He gave me the vision for my business.”--Kelly Howland,owner, Tea Time, A British Touch

For decades I have sought and collected many beautiful books on the art of tea. I have cherished each and every one of my finds. Then came Christmas of 2019. A very dear friend of mine from Georgetown, KY sent me the jewel I’ve been waiting for . . . Southern Seasons by Linda J. Hawkins This is the quintessential book of all things tea. I especially love the spiritual Biblical verses, the prose written by famous authors and Linda’s own beautiful brand of verse. I have spent hours in this book and am just touching the surface. There is so much to absorb and learn the photography alone is beyond beautiful. I have since purchased many more to give away to family and friends. Thank you Linda for bringing such soulful beauty to the world. It is much needed. --Sherry Simmons, Eugene, OR

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Award Finalist in the "Cookbooks: International" category of the 2018 International Book Awards

Bronze Award in the 2018 Feathered Quill Book Awards Program for the Informational category!  

Award Finalist in the "Cookbooks: Regional," & "General Cookbook" categories of the 2017 Best Book Awards, American Book Fest

Award Winner in the "Coffeetable Books" category of the 2018 New York City Big Book Award.


"'Gorgeous! The colors/photos/food - all A++!


'For all interested in baking, tea, and/or having fun celebrations with friends - this book is great!


'This book is definitely 'alive' and engaging.  Your pictures of Mother Nature are stunning! The recipes & celebration ideas for getting together with people you care about are lovely… this book is perfect.  You've even got this non-baker wanting to bake!'"

--Feathered Quill Book Awards Judges' comments

"The pictures are beautiful and the recipes are presented well…'very southern' and 'scrapbook style'…the photos are lovely…


…there is a lot of inspiration and information about tea-drinking that I found fascinating…mouth-watering recipes…


Nice selection of photos and ideas…Intimate look into the creator/authors love of tea!"--Independent Book Publisher Association (IBPA) Judges' comments


To classify this book as a cookbook is just not enough. Yes, it certainly fits into said category by offering recipes that you will most definitely want to create in your own kitchen, but author Linda J. Hawkins has gone far beyond that. For anyone with one of those awesome grandmothers who made those cookies you were salivating over all week long, knowing you were headed to the grandparents’ house for Sunday dinner to enjoy them while spending time with the family you loved (Miss you, Grandma!), this one is most definitely for you.

    Aptly fitting the description the author gives in her introduction, this book is full of “Tea-riffic” information! First, we begin with the photographs. This book offers up some of the most stunning pictures imaginable. Cutting the book into seasons, then by month within each season, pictures appear spotlighting everything from a landscape glistening with a blanket of snow to a spring garden filled with the newest flowers just beginning to bloom – waking up in order to give the world a fresh, new look under the much warmer sunshine. Then, you have the words. This is not only a group of recipes with directions and ingredients, but also pages of quotes from poets, inspirational words from the Bible, and kind, fun, peaceful short stories shared with readers about the tea parties that went from events to yearly family traditions in the Hawkins’ household.

     The author lets readers in on facts about the enjoyment of tea served with glorious foods, and even shares a list of various signature tea parties that can be held to include friends, families, children, and more. The list talks about everything from a “Little Ones First Tea” event to a “Seashore Tea” that can be held while looking out upon the awesome beauty of Mother Nature’s waves.

     Not only are the teas spoken about delicious, but the appetizers – from candy to dips – and the main courses that range from Roasted Maple Glazed Tenderloin to Almond Crusted Chicken with Strawberry Balsamic Sauce, are also provided with easy to follow recipes to make sure the meal you feast upon at your “tea party” is truly unforgettable. Some are even extremely unique, like Delightful Divinity which is served at your “Friendship Tea” to celebrate those close pals who play a large, caring part in your life. Add into all this an Etiquette page, and a slew of extra gifts from the author that show you some of the amazing places she has traveled, and you most definitely have a stellar, high-level guide that shows you how to live an enjoyable life.

     Quill says: This is truly a “must-have” for the household, enabling everyone to create tea-riffic family traditions.Amy Lignor, Feathered Quill Book Reviews


"Beautifully and profusely illustrated throughout, Southern Seasons: 12 Months of Tea-licious Recipes & Ideas showcases the significance, etiquette, elegance, diversity, and celebratory uses of tea in authentic American culture. From traditional tea parties, to fire side sipping on a winter's eve, to weddings and birthday celebrations. The recipes range from Hawaiian Caprese Sliders; Mini Stuffed Tomatoes; Blackberry-Peach Dumpling Soup; and Party Cheese Ball; to Turkey and Ham Roll-Ups; Orange Dreamsicle Fudge; Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake; and Stuffed Strawberries. Organized and presented seasonally, Southern Seasons: 12 Months of Tea-licious Recipes & Ideas is replete with interesting information and tips, making it fascinating to browse through and inspiring to plan party events with -- making it unreservedly and enthusiastically recommended for personal, professional, and community library cookbook collections."Wisconsin Bookwatch

Linda has revived a lost art form and social ceremony in this book!  The charm and creativity unfold page by page as you are inspired by beautiful images and southern comforts for the mind, body and soul.  This is SOCIAL NETWORKING, southern style! --Chris Cathers, Program Branch Manager, Kentucky Arts Council

WordsGiven-cover (1).jpg

“Another delightful children’s book by Linda J. Hawkins! Your child will see colorful pages full of valuable life lessons incorporating concepts and verses from God’s Word. This story will comfort young children who must move to a new place and find the blessings of new friendships.” -Jane Gough, B.S., M.S., Educator, Administrator, Counselor, Metro Nashville Schools (Retired)


Multiple Award Winner!

Southern Seasons with Memory Making Recipes is more than a cookbook. Kentucky’s own, Linda J. Hawkins has compiled a lifetime of her favorite remembrances. It is not your ordinary cookbook. There are ways to get everyone involved in creating meals and making memories that will continue from family to family. Grab a spoon, an apron, and a family member or special friend because the memories begin here!


  • Classy cook/look book

  • 130 + Four season recipes

  • Simple to follow recipes with simple ingredients

  • How to create your own family memories

  • Heartwarming, inspirational stories/quotes

  • Engaging, refreshing photography

  • Menu planning tips

  • Tips for picky children’s snacking



Hardcover w/Concealed wire-O for special recipe use

182 pgs. (ISBN: 978-1-937008-37-6)  Retail: $27.99

Check Out Some of Linda's Other Titles

Southern Seasons…A perfect book for a wedding couple! –Peggy Drake, Co-Owner, Drakes Farm Service 


I have very much enjoyed your new book, Southern Seasons. I love your recipes.  I love your pictures. But most of all, I love your words. A lovely book! –Annetta Cole, Retired Business Owner  


After Fans and Flowers and the delightful how to book in hosting Tea for Children it was a no brainier to add Southern Seasons to my collection! Linda's work is full of heart that never fails to bless me over and over! Terri Smith, Author


I purchased Linda Hawkins’ cookbook last week for my wife. She loves the cookbook with all side stories and illustrations. The recipes are very tasty and we have already made two of them. It is very well done and would recommend it to everyone. Kirk Weber, Corvac Composites LLC


I have a lot of cookbooks but Southern Seasons is by for my favorite. It’s so much more than a cookbook. Wendy Flener, Wife, mom and homemaker


I enjoyed every page of Southern Seasons, every picture, recipes and the memories you shared really connected with me.–Deanna Uzzle


Southern Seasons…was a blessing to read, from childhood memories …or of your children and grandchildren. It made me want to gather my family together around the table and layout a spread for them to enjoy. Thank You, for making me realize how special a mealtime can be no matter how big or small.–Teresa Holland, KY, RN.


With feet up from long day I have been truly enjoying the pictures, quotes and personal comments like the biscuits in iron skillet and the punch recipe–(Southern Seasons) wonderful all the way thru! –Donna Finch Slaton, Retired Librarian and Storyteller


Southern Seasons is awesome. It brought back so many childhood memories. The pictures were awesome, too.  Trudy Jones, TN


Everyone may have a memory of that special “recipe” that you carry in your memory that your grandmother or mom fixed. …That one special recipe no one else can compare to. That’s just what Southern Seasons has… my Grandma Mary’s fluffy and tasty biscuits. I am so glad my Aunt Linda shared this recipe. Amanda Hatcher, Aspiring cook and author’s niece


Southern Seasons with Memory Making Recipes is a beautifully and profusely illustrated, 182 page culinary compendium of simply wonderful recipes, succinct commentaries, and memorably apt quotations. A pleasure to simply browse through, inspiring to plan menus with, and filled from cover to cover with palate pleasing, appetite satisfying, kitchen cook friendly recipes for dishes ranging from Raspberry Butter; Picnic Fruity Slaw; Fried Cornbread; and Blueberry Spinach Salad; to Pineapple Upside Down Cake; Simple Broccoli Casserole; Southern Ice Tea; Chicken Enchilada Bake, Southern Seasons with Memory Making Recipes will make an enduringly popular and highly recommended addition to personal, family, and community cookbook collections. James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, The Midwest Book Review

“The recipes are wonderful and the writing's delightful. God Bless” Cindy Betts

I’ve never read a cookbook and studied it from cover to cover. Yet, with Southern Seasons, I did!  As we downsize for retirement it has helped me to know what I must hold onto. –Linda Wood, Wife, Mom & Grandmother



2016 Paris Book Festival "Honorable Mention"


2016 International Book Awards Finalist in "Cookbooks: Regional."


2016 Pacific Rim Book Festival 1st Place Winner in Cookbooks!


Spring 2015 NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Best Family Cookbook!


2015 USA Best Book Awards Finalist in two categories: "Cookbooks:General/Gift" and "Regional."

Award Winner in the "Regional Cookbooks" category of the 2018 New York City Big Book Award.


Logan County Public Library was excited to have, as our special guest, author Linda J. Hawkins. Linda gave a wonderful presentation of her latest cookbook "Southern Seasons" with delicious and quick recipes, which the attendees were able to sample. She also brought along a couple of her wonderful homemade pies for us to enjoy. Linda puts everyone at ease with her contagious smile and wonderful personality. She reminds us too that every day is special and to enjoy your family and friends. Everyone attending the presentation enjoyed it very much. Thank you Linda for such a great program.–Logan County, KY Public Lib. Tracy Houchens


Southern Seasons with Memory Making Recipes


From cover to cover, it awakens all the senses,

Taste buds dance to delightful dishes,

The four seasons are filled with recipes that entice,

The four food groups take on a new life.


Ingredients all nestled in dishes of days gone by,

Images and stories capturing moments in time,

This cookbook from the heart tantalizes the southern palate, 

The author is a cup that runneth over with talent.Poem written by Mary Johnson Howard

 "Linda J. Hawkins' beautiful photography and generations of recipes make "Southern Seasons" a family treasure! Every Southern mama will enjoy the storytelling, meal planning, creative ideas, and wealth of wisdom from the Hawkins family to your family--a must-read for mothers and daughters!"Nicki Bishop,homeschooling mother of 4

This cookbook is as interesting as a story book, beautiful as art and tasteful as every great comfort food I have ever eaten. Susan J. Mitchell, Writer, Photographer


"To call Linda J. Hawkins' Southern Seasons a cookbook is selling it short. It is a cookbook, but it is so much more. It is an inspirational and uplifting guide to daily life—in and out of the kitchen." Stephen M. Vest, Editor and Publisher of Kentucky Monthly.


 “Wow!  Beautifully illustrated, inspirational quotes, family musings and simple to follow recipes with simple ingredients makes me want to drop everything and spend the rest of the day cooking (and canning) with this wonderful, flavorful cookbook.” Rosemarie Costin, Food Scientist, Stockton, California


Southern Seasons with Memory Making Recipes is a breath of fresh air and perfect for anyone who shares a love for food, family, and fellowship. The book is wonderfully written and draws you in instantly with its heartwarming stories, laughs, and countless delicious & nutritious recipes… sure to please the whole family. Jessica Grubb Castile, RD, LD


Southern Seasons with Memory Making Recipes is an exceptional classy and unique cook/look book, and much more. As always, Linda Hawkins does everything first class!Author Dianna Ellis, Beaumont, TX


The perfect gift, Linda J. Hawkins’ new Southern Seasons with Memory Making Recipes wears many hats-- a cookbook with easy recipes for tasty seasonal dishes; a coffee table book illustrated with her beautiful country photographs; a book of practical hints for preparing, and serving meals for a few or many; Linda's whimsical philosophy about seasons, food, friends, children; and much much more.  A treasury of reading. Evelyn M. Byers, Retired librarian


This cookbook feeds ALL my senses. Linda's creativity and deep devotion to family and God are woven throughout this stunning "more than a cookbook". Can't wait to try every single recipe.  Karen Hughes, Cater, Lumberton, Texas


Mrs. Hawkins has fine-tuned past and present memories that pique your interest. The stories, many photos and recipes are all a true visit to yesteryear. Barbara Napier, author of Hot Food & Warm Memories, the Snug Hollow Farm Cookbook


The author of Southern Seasons, with Memory Making Recipes, Linda J. Hawkins taught a nine week class for our after-school program. Not only did the children love helping make the recipes but enjoyed tasting.  Linda taught the children many valuable lessons from her book...Pam Pendley, Community Education Director, Butler County Schools


”It’s a totally feel good book. This is the new way I'll prepare food from now on—love flows throughout!” Ellen Everman, author of Pink Dice


Morgantown author Linda Hawkins urges folks to change back to simpler times in her latest cookbook. Sectioned off into the four seasons with content pertaining to that season, several of the book’s recipes are centered around family fun and memory-making.  Each brightly colored page will entice the reader to slow down and enjoy some ‘soul’ food, some family time, and to swap a story or two. Penny Woods, Kentucky Living magazine book reviewer


Love the book!  Christine Coleman



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