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Speaking & Travel

Heart to Heart Publishing, Inc. would be happy to present a special event for your group. Details of key programs are outlined below.  For any additional information, please contact Linda J. Hawkins at 270-991-0881 or

Linda's fee begins at $500.00 first program, each additional program $300.00, ( Full day 1000.00)  plus travel, and lodging when over 80 miles from Morgantown, KY. Group sizes may vary, up to 300 per group yet Linda feels smaller groups tend to retain more information. The fee is due the day of her presentation.

When more than one school is involved within a district, someone will need to be responsible to make payment for travel expenses for the entire amount and be responsible for obtaining reimbursements from other parties involved. Travel by car is 50 cents per mile round trip.

Airfare arrangements will be made by author, tickets reserved for 5-7 days must be paid promptly or tickets will be forfeited and author appearance can not be guaranteed after that.


School districts are encouraged to work together concerning travel arrangements, tour can be piggy backed together, thereby saving cost for everyone involved.

Linda needs a table for props and preferably a lapel mike. She will also need a hook-up for laptop/slides and DVD capability.


Linda prefers a hotel with restaurant attached, also as close to schools as possible. Frequently Linda will need to arrive the day prior to her presentation.

Schools and non-profit groups receive discount prices on books. Ordering and delivery will be discussed when visit is arranged. All business with wholesale ordering must be placed with Heart to Heart Publishing,Inc. All books may be used for fundraising.

Booking a Visit
If your school desires a visit / free visit with the author/speaker, that can be arranged with pre-sale of books, please call

1-270-991-0881 with the following information at hand:

    Organization Name    |   City and State   |   Contact Person  |   Phone Number   |   Day(s) Requested

Nutritional Programs

An approximate 30- 40 minute lesson; this program is targeted for daycare centers, homeschoolers, library reading groups, preschools, kindergartens, and grades 1-5. Small or large audiences.

Lessons are based on Linda J Hawkins' nutritional books:  Alexander and the Great Food Fight, Alexander and the Great Vegetable Feud.  Linda uses her children's books as the basis for reaching out and interacting with children (and adults).

The nutritional program begins with Mrs. Hawkins sharing her personal story about what inspired these books, a brief of her research in this field, and an explanation of what children/families can do to be healthier.

Her goal is for children/families to take away something useful to apply to their everyday lives. Mrs. Hawkins can add 20 minutes to the presentation for those who want a motivational component.

She can talk about the importance of "self-education" done through reading books or accessing information online. Her philosophy is "one must first put in before you can take out." She recommends this for grades 3-5. She can also include creative writing projects by helping small groups brainstorm and then create their own stories or books.

Tea/Etiquette Program
From 30 to 60 minutes in length, this program works well for anyone age 2-92 including girl scouts, pre-schoolers, teenagers, garden clubs, Red Hat Society gatherings, church groups, and family reunions with tea party themes. The program can be adjusted to fit each group's needs. She always makes time for questions from the audience. This program is best when there are no more than 40 students/adults. The host organization may wish to serve a simple or elegant tea before, after or during her talk.

Most people do not know the history of tea; this is where we get most of our tea traditions. Mrs. Hawkins can instruct and demonstrate a variety of ideas for serving tea, as well as talk about the importance of good etiquette, show how to properly use a napkin, set a table, etc.

Signed copies of Mrs. Hawkins' book, Catering to Children with Recipes for Memorable Teas, Southern Season 12 Months of Tea-licous Recipes, and The Unspoken Language of Fans and Flowers with Recipes are made available at each event (and can even be used as a fund-raiser for the group). Any of her books are made available at your requests.

Training Programs
Mrs. Hawkins is also available to meet with Title I teachers or other adults to train them on how to incorporate her workshops into their school's curriculum/programs. Each teacher receives a free book, a teacher's guidebook, and a school packet. Costs begin at $40.00 per person. Cost is reduced as the number of participants increases.

Motivational Programs
Mrs. Hawkins works with Christian as well as the secular market. She does inspirational programs for church groups, Ladies Auxiliaries, or mixed groups about the struggles/victories she has experienced to reach her current place in the world.

If you enjoy my books, and you're so inclined, please tell your friends or post online.

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