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  • Linda J. Hawkins

A Father's Day Breakfast

Father’s Day Breakfast—a Simple Act of Gratitude for the Man You Love

  1. His favorite beverage: My husband enjoys tea

  2. His favorite fruit: Blueberries are a treat in our house.

  3. His favorite breakfast treat: A fruity quick bread or flavored scones with orange zest would be enjoyable. Try the recipe for Blueberry Syrup on pg. 122 of the Southern Seasons cookbook!

  4. A nice tablecloth: Provide a lovely canvas to showcase your culinary art.

  5. Fresh-cut flowers: Men appreciate the beauty of God’s creation too!

Sunday morning can be busy for families. Why not start a week ahead to plan your Father’s Day breakfast? Get your children involved, and give “Dad” a surprise he will really appreciate! Before the weekend, make a list and purchase your ingredients. On Saturday, give everyone a small task to make Sunday morning easy and enjoyable for all.

Help a child wash, rinse, and store your fruit. Mix the dry ingredients for your quick bread and seal (the scone recipe I love includes butter, so I will make sure to refrigerate it). If your Sunday mornings are pressed for time, you can go ahead and bake your fresh item on Saturday. Select a pretty tray or dishes to serve on his special day.

Set your table the night before. An arrangement of flowers can be put together from whatever you have growing outside. If you do not have access to plants and flowers, a simple bouquet from the grocery store will make an inviting centerpiece. No matter what you choose to serve to your husband or father, a bit of planning and preparation is sure to make a loving statement on Father’s Day!

What are you doing for the man in your life this Father's Day?

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