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  • Linda J. Hawkins

Take Time to Smell the Spiced Tea!


Being thankful.


These are all sentiments in our minds and on our hearts throughout the month of November. This month is Thanksgiving, and we know which day we are eating at whose house and just exactly what is on the menu! Or maybe we are the ones hosting a special holiday meal for all the family on the last Thursday of the month. What will we place on our table? How are we decorating? Who is going to bring the sides or desserts? We have all the questions already churning in that head of ours, and we are just raring to go! However, let’s take time to pause and think.

Grateful. Who are we truly grateful for? Who has stayed with us in good times and bad? How have we spent time loving on or appreciating that person? If the answer doesn’t come quickly to these questions, then what are we going to do about it?

Being thankful is so much more than realizing what we have and saying a prayer in the month of November. Dare I say, it is even more than the holiday meals we have come to know and love. This year, may our thankfulness stretch out to others in a new and different way. May we reach outside our comfort zone to show that we are thankful.

Thanks-Giving Ideas:

*Take time to smell the spiced tea, and serve some to a friend.

*Write a note to say that you care, that you appreciate someone, or that they are loved—not for what they do. Love them for who they are.

*Forgive. Through the year, it’s easy to let offenses pile up on us and then forget about it. Start the season right and take time to forgive.

*Forget. Forget about getting everything right and doing everything perfect. Friends and family will remember most how you made them feel.

*Enjoy! Most of all enjoy this season with those you love!

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