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  • Linda J. Hawkins

Made with Love

“Mama, can I help?” little Adelaide came tiptoeing into the kitchen in her nightgown, well before the sun came up. Mama’s shoulders jumped, and she turned to see her daughter peeking around the corner.

“Adelaide, you startled me!” Mama shook a finger playfully, and the little girl giggled. Without waiting for an answer, the child pulled a large wooden chair away from the kitchen table and sidled it up to the kitchen counter.

“I know what you’re doing!” Adelaide exclaimed “Baking mix, milk, eggs…you’re making…Eeeeeee! Pancakes!”

“Shhh, don’t wake up Lily Mae. You may help if you wash your hands.” Mama helped Adelaide reach the soap and turn on the water. As her daughter scrubbed, she pulled Adelaide’s long curls back with a hair tie. “There. All set, baby girl.”

Adelaide grinned and took her place next to Mama at the kitchen counter. Mama watched the delight on her child’s face as the little girl dumped each ingredient into the bowl and stirred. She helped her daughter stir down to the bottom of the bowl, and as the skillet sizzled, she showed Adelaide how to make tiny heart shapes with the batter in the pan. Before long, they had a stack of heart-shaped pancakes waiting for the family.

“Daddy will love these so much!” Adelaide exclaimed.

Mama smiled at her and set the platter on the kitchen table, along with maple syrup, butter, and homemade chocolate sauce. “Yes, baby girl. Yes he will.”


It doesn’t take much to show your loved ones how much you care. Why not grab a “little helper” and mix up a batch of love for the special someone in your life? We love the Pancakes and Chocolate Syrup on page 45 of the Southern Seasons cookbook. What’s your favorite recipe for a heart-shaped treat?

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