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  • Linda J. Hawkins

How Do You Serve Flowers?

Did you know…many varieties of flowers are edible? We give flowers as gifts. We place an arrangement on our dining table. We love to look at them outside, but how often do we consider adding them to the food we make? Edible flowers are a wonderful way to make a statement in the kitchen!

Why not…

*trim your next garden party cake with Rose Petals or Pansies?

*add a bit of Chive Flower, Marigold, Nasturtium or Bee Balm to your next salad?

*try your hand at candied Violets or add some Lavender to your sugar for baking or teas?

*batter and fry a Squash Blossom or two for an ethnic dinner appeal?

*brew a cup of Lilac Flowers, Chamomile or Rose Petals for a cup of floral tea?

*pick the petals from your Impatiens and freeze them in a lovely ice ring for your punch bowl?

***As always, make sure your edible items are cleaned thoroughly, and never consume any blooms which have been sprayed with chemicals

There are many ways to make “edible flowers” your new entertaining secret for family parties or friendship teas. Which way will you try first?

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