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  • Linda J. Hawkins

August Family Fun

From “Back-to-school” to Fall cleaning, August can be a busy time for families! Even through the hustle and bustle, we want to prioritize our family time to let each member know-- “You are special!”

We hope you enjoy these simple tips to love on your family this fall:

Kitchen Table Crafts




Recipes Galore


*Fruit & Gelatin for little cooks

*Main Dish Delight - Get the older kids involved tonight!

Out & About

*Amusement Attraction

*Splash Park (or local pool)

*Family Fun Center

Historical Hunt


*State or National Parks

*Local Heritage & Historical Sites

*Family Road Trip or Day Trip


*Game Night

*Vintage Play-Acting Night (with stove-popped popcorn)

*Sports Fest (Grab the sports equipment and get outdoors!)

Here are a few more links to August Family Fun ideas. Enjoy!

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