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  • Linda J. Hawkins

April Poetry Month!

SPRING, is a very special time for me it’s my favorite season. All the earth awakens and starts anew. We feel hope arises within our heart!

I have a large collection of butterfly pictures. I love chasing them and getting a shot with my Nikon. It is a relaxing exercise for me to engage in each year. It also fills up my photo files.

We’d like to encourage you to get outside in nature, enjoy all she has to offer. When you see your first butterfly, remember:

“A butterfly isn’t born with strong wings to fly. They must first face the struggle before they receive the strength needed. We too may experience struggles such as this pandemic. We may be facing other struggles as well. But coming through it all, will give us strength to carry us forward for a better day.”

–Linda J. Hawkins

This month is poetry month I’d like to share one with you:

Had They Known

If each drug addict could see the end,

They’d never travel that lonely road, my friend.

Oh! Such deceit and guile—

“I’ll only travel this road for a while.”

They’ve grown tired of toting such a heavy load.

If they’d only listened at life’s crossroad.

They’re now stranded, on life’s huge sea,

Wishing someday they could be set free,

They’re riding a raft with a small hole.

Hoping others may never know,

They’ve deceived them into believing this lie.

Maybe soon they’ll give God a try.

Their body was strong when this road they first took.

Now, they are destroying their health. They’re really hooked.

In the clutches of friends, they are deceived.

“I can walk away”—how naïve.

Instead they’re entrapped in the spider’s web;

Struggling and thinking they’ll free themselves.

Their perceptions need correction.

They can call on Heaven’s 911

Where there’s hope and help for everyone.

A Loving Savior is waiting there:

He’ll show YOU how much He cares.

---Linda J. Hawkins

If you know someone that needs help, lend a hand and you will be glad you did. Feel free to share one of your poems with us. We would be delighted to hear from you!

Smiles & blessings, Linda

** Everyone that places an order for the next 3 weeks will receive free of charge, Two book marks, A butterfly one and a poetry one. Our way of saying, “THANKS.”

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