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Presentation with Appeal

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

June is Iced Tea Month. A tall glass of cold tea and a good book will go hand-in-hand! Sit-&-sip while you relax in a hammock outdoors or inside in a comfy spot.

 Need help mixing a good tea? Check out our many recipes including drinks in Southern Seasons Lifestyle Cookbook for all occasions and seasons. (140 recipes)

Taking Tea is - Relaxing, Refreshing, Renewing!  - Linda J. Hawkins

The presentation is everything! When you place a freshly prepared meal or tea on the table, make sure your signature is added.

Will that be vintage linens, beautifully arranged, or candles glowing softly? (Outdoors, citronella candles help keep insects away.) Do you use fresh sprigs of curly, green parsley, maybe flower blossoms garnishing your delicious food, or certain crystal/china sets for the spring and summer? Do you like a nice, fresh bouquet as the centerpiece? We can each add beauty to our daily lives at such a small cost. Maybe no cost -- just a little amount of extra time picking, washing, and presenting with the meal for those we dearly love.   (ADD PICS, below)

How about creating a summer garden theme “Butterfly Tea Party”? That is a presentation with an appeal. Check out full details in Southern Seasons, 12 Months of Tea-licious Recipes & Ideas, pages 102-111.  It is listed in our summer section with delicious foods to create, also. (Order your copy here)

A real cute garnish is freezing bits of fruits, berries, or edible flowers in filled ice trays.  Do this ahead of tea time and add a special delight to your drinks. It adds eye-appeal for a satisfying look and taste, so simple and free. Do not serve ice tea, instead serve “iced” tea. Make tea a little stronger when serving it iced. This will keep it from becoming too diluted. You may desire to make tea-ice-cubes to keep the tea from becoming diluted.

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