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Author, Joseph T. Charles and Senior Editor, Linda J. Hawkins are proud to present: Why Stars Are in the Sky.​

God is quite busy creating the world in seven days. Can the angels help Him with the important task of creating the sun? He calls them together, and they are eager to help.​

After asking questions about how it should be accomplished they are ready to begin. The smallest angel is eager to help too, so they give him a tray of sunlight to pour on top of the sun.

The smallest angel wants to do an especially good job to prove he can match the accomplishments of the older and larger angels, so he exchanges the small tray for a larger one. Climbing the ladder to the top of the sun, he loses his balance and drops the tray...small bits of light spill all over the sky.

Will God be angry? What will he say? Will he banish the smallest angel from Heaven?

Why Stars are in the Sky

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