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  • Linda J. Hawkins

A Peach Tradition

Adelaide pulled up to Grandmother’s kitchen counter, spying the neatly laid jars of home-preserved peaches. Oh, how she longed to taste the ripe fruit with a generous helping of whipped cream! What work they had done together, and how it had paid off! She recalled the busy, fun-filled days at Grandmother’s house.


All week they had picked fruit together before the sun was high in the sky and the heat was too much to bear. Just she and Grandmother, picking and talking, singing and such. Washing each batch, she saw Grandmother set a pot on to boil. Adelaide loved to watch the whole fruit simmer, bobbing up and down between the bubbles.

When they were finished, she would dunk them into a cold water bath. “Nature’s magic,” Grandmother said. Adelaide giggled, Grandmother was right. God sure did make nature fine—and tasty too! She watched the peach skins draw up and crinkle a bit, and then they sat the afternoon over at the kitchen table with bowls to fill, peaches to slice, and something cool to drink. Grandmother sliced into the first peach of the day—the “tasting sample.” Plop!—went a peach slice into Adelaide’s lemonade glass. Splash!—went another into Grandmother’s iced tea. The rest of the “tasting peach” was Adelaide’s to enjoy.

“How is our peach crop, Adelaide?” Grandmother asked.

“Mighty fine, Grandmother.” Adelaide said with a grin. “You and Grandpa always have the very best peaches!”


What a delightful time this young girl has in the kitchen with her grandmother! August is National Peach Month, and I hope that this pioneer story gives fuel for your imagination. Take a trip to your local farmer’s market this week, and try your hand at making homemade peach jam, peach pancake syrup, peach cobbler, or simply enjoy a nice, tall glass of sweet peach tea!

What is your favorite peach recipe? Who will you share it with as you celebrate National Peach Month?

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