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  • Linda J. Hawkins


I love "Thanks-Giving" time--my favorite holiday. There is nothing else quite like it--this time of year gathering family from near and far to celebrate gratitude. Giving thanks for our loving Savior, our many blessings and our shared relationships. I'm so grateful for the people in my life--brothers and sisters, children and grandchildren. My husband and I wait with anticipation at their blessed arrival. We also welcome family visitors to our table and take plates to the elderly in our neighborhood. We encourage you to bless someone else in your neighborhood. Invite someone that doesn’t have family close by… or take a shut-in a nice food platter.

What can I do with the days in between? Prepare! Oh, what a privilege to spoil my loved ones with their favorite savory foods and the grandest desserts in my recipe collection. Every treasured recipe deserves a little sparkle to elevate for such a gathering.

One tip I love is to take those heirloom cake recipes and add a yummy garnish. Use a bag of pecans or walnuts (or a package of chocolate sandwich cookies, for those with nut allergies), pulse it in the food processor until fine and crumbly and pour these crumbs in a bowl. With prepared and freshly iced cake on a stand or platter, cup handfuls of edible crumbs around the base or lower third of the cake, letting the decorative crumbles adhere to the fresh icing. Wipe cake stand with tea towel when finished. Voila! A treat your family will love!

For the complete "Nutty Cake" recipe with two flavor options, you can turn to Southern Seasons with Memory Making Recipes, pg. 153-154.

What is your favorite heirloom recipe for Thanksgiving?

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