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  • Linda J. Hawkins

Butler County Homemaker of the Year

On November 12, 2018, Tracy Cowles, FCS Agent of Butler County Area Homemakers Council presented Butler County Author Linda J. Hawkins with a gift and announced she has been named homemaker of the year. (Shown: President Barbara Gabbard, Linda J. Hawkins, Tracy Cowles FCS Agent)

Tracy said, “Linda has done an outstanding job with the Butler County Homemakers and has assisted the homemakers of our area, local and international levels too, giving of herself unconditionally and not expecting anything in return. Linda is always willing to assist with any homemaker event and has donated several of her publications for fundraisers with the proceeds going to the Ovarian Cancer Research.”

Her family that was present for the award was: Ray Hawkins (husband), Carolyn William (sister), Jenna Hawkins (granddaughter) and Regina Hawkins (daughter-in-law)

Tracy ended by saying, “Linda has been a picture of what the Homemaker truly is…one who serves.”

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